Credit Scoring API

Score your loan applicants effortlessly with hosted and customizable credit scoring models. Offer financing to unbanked individuals assessed via alternative data sources and meeting your risk requirements.

Enhance your borrowers’ credit score reliability with alternative data, including digital footprint and behavioral information gathered through smartphone and online platforms like e-commerce and ride-hailing.
Set score threshold based on your risk appetite for automatic applicant acceptance and rejection, calibrate the credit scoring model to your own borrower base, and add filtering rules.
Review applicant profiles and scorecards one by one in our intuitive dashboard, for edge cases or spot checks to the scoring model.
Robust Scoring

Leverage the power of alternative data for credit scoring

Genify's credit scoring system uses both traditional and alternative data sources to produce a comprehensive scorecard, while adhering to your risk appetite, so the unbanked or underbanked are not left out.


machine learning based
Machine Learning-based

Running with multiple machine learning models at its core


Digital scorecards tailored to your specific risk profile metrics

real time

Instant loan approval or refusal based on your specified risk appetite

low to no data requirements
Low-to-no data requirements

Ready to use with your data on Day 1 thanks to pre-trained models

Use cases

Power your fintech products with Genify

Credit Decisioning Automation

Encode your business rules and decision trees for automated lending decisioning.

Instant Loan Approval

Leverage the power of alternative data for underwriting.

Why Genify?

Your partner to unlock value in transaction data.

Continuous upgrades

Your subscription gives access to new features, sourced directly from our customers.

Ease of Integration

A single API endpoint, 5 enrichment fields.

Secure Data

Our servers are ISO 27001 certified, and our data usage is compliant with GDPR.

On Premises or Cloud

Our API runs on your premises or in the cloud, thanks to a hybrid build since Day 1.

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