AI Personal Financial Manager API

Let users have full transparency on their spending and budget intelligently. Notify them of dues and share personalized tips on how to spend better.

Display spending and income aggregated by transaction category or merchant, over multiple horizons (month-to-date, monthy, yearly). Query an additional 100 financial analysis variables via our API.
Calculate for each client an available monthly budget, and suggest spending limits. Notify clients of their spending vs. budget and limits for greater engagement.
Provide spending tips to your clients, from peer comparison to recurring subscriptions, to cheaper product alternatives, for healthier spending habits.
Financial Well-being

Improve your clients' financial habits

Genify's intelligent rules-based system with an AI layer povides your clients with greater clarity on their finances and suggests tailored finanical guidance for healthier spending habits.


machine learning based
Machine Learning-based

Running with multiple machine learning models at its core.

low to no data requirements
Low-to-no data requirements

Ready to use with your data on Day 1 thanks to pre-trained models.

real time

Notify users of changes to their spending habits and offer tips in real time


Customize our engine to encompass notification trigger rules of your own

smart suggestions
Smart suggestions

Spending limits and savings goals are suggested to each user individually based on their patterns and their peer group

Genify Dashboard

Pilot your usage of our APIs, monitor user engagement and adjust model parameters to suit your needs.


Why Genify?

Premises or Cloud

Our APIs run on your premises or in the cloud. Our software has been hybrid since Day 1.

Continuous Learning

Our categorizer keeps learning new merchants over time.

Highly Localized

Our intelligent software is language agnostic and can be localized to all your markets with little efforts.

Data Security

Our servers are ISO 27001 certified, and our approach is GDPR-compliant.

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