Transaction Categorization API

Categorize credit card and account transactions in the most granular and accurate way. Enrich transactions with all the information your users expect in their bank or fintech app.

The First Truly Global Transaction Categorizer

Turnkey: plug and play API. From day 1. No training needed.

United StatesUnited States
United StatesUnited States

Country-agnostic: we enrich transaction from

A single API endpoint, 5 enrichment fields.

Categorize transactions into more than 70 expense and income categories.
Make your users feel like home. Display logos of merchants in your banking app instead of dull, generic icons.
Do users enjoy deciphering transaction descriptions? Look no further.
Link each expense with a website, for a sense of completeness and control.
Tell your users the carbon footprint of every single transaction. Contribute to environmental awareness, one transaction at a time.
Data Enrichment

Unlock value with 5 enrichment fields.

Genify’s engine automatically categorizes your users' credit card and account transactions into granular expense and income categories. We also provide a merchant’s clean name, logo and website, and calculate the carbon footprint as bonus.


machine learning based
Machine Learning-based

Running with multiple machine learning models at its core.

low to now data requirements
Low-to-no data requirements

Ready to use with your data on Day 1 thanks to pre-trained models.

multi lingual

Word embeddings, a modern NLP technology let our API categorize transactions across virtually all languages.

self improving

Models are retrained at a set frequency to keep improving over time.

user feedback logo
User feedback loop

Your users can make corrections so we learn from them.

custom categories
Custom categories

Your users can set custom expense and income categories.

Why Genify?

Your partner to unlock value in transaction data.

Continuous upgrades

Your subscription gives access to new features, sourced directly from our customers.

Ease of Integration

A single API endpoint, 5 enrichment fields.

Secure Data

Our servers are ISO 27001 certified, and our data usage is compliant with GDPR.

On Premises or Cloud

Our API runs on your premises or in the cloud, thanks to a hybrid build since Day 1.

Use cases

Power your fintech products with Genify

Delightful Transaction List

Offer the most visually appealing transaction feed.

Personal Finance Management

Help people understand where their money goes.

Business Finance Management

Unlock cash flow transparency for business.

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